Letter to LEGA for Submission of manuscript for research paper on Kidney Failure


The Editorial Board,

LIGA 2011,

New Delhi.

Subject: Submission of manuscript

Dear    Sir,

I would like to submit the following manuscript entitled “CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE: AN EVIDENCE BASED CLINICAL STUDY TO ASSESS THE EFFICACY OF HOMEOPATHIC DRUGS IN ITS MANAGEMENT” for possible evaluation for publication and presentation at LIGA 2011.

Kidney diseases are silent killers. Symptoms start to manifest when S.Creatinine rises beyond 1.5 and more than 75% of kidney is already damaged. In India about100 million people are already suffering from CRF – approximately one in ten people. Apart from screening and prevention, Dialysis and Transplantation are the only options available with modern medicine. If homeopathy is used at the onset of CKD, i.e. soon after detection in the screening process, its progression into CRF and ESRD can be checked.

Health authorities worldwide will have to deal with escalating costs and kidney disease epidemic if no action is taken. In this manuscript, we report the results of the first ever study on the treatment of CKD with Homeopathy and a detailed statistical analysis which can dispel doubts from any logical mind.

Little is known and published about Homeopathy and its role in kidney disorders. As a result even less is known to general public and millions of lives and billions of currency continues to be wasted which could otherwise be saved by timely intervention with Homeopathy.

I affirm that the manuscript has been prepared in accordance with Guidelines For Paper Submission For Authors for the upcoming 66th World LIGA Congress at New Delhi, India from 1st – 4th of December 2011. The manuscript has been read and approved by all listed authors. We certify that the submission is original work and is not under review at any other publication.

We hope that the editorial board will agree on the interest of this study.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Mohan Singh

Date: June-01-2011.

Name and address of corresponding author:

 Dr. Mohan Singh

 Address: 4-LGF, S.S.Tower, Faizabad Road,

 Lucknow-226006, U.P., India,

 Phone: 9450631204

 E-mail: drnanohomeopathy@gmail.com

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