When are You More Prone to CRF ?

1 in 3 adults are at risk for getting kidney disease (CRF ). To be at risk means it is more likely you will get kidney disease. Anyone can get kidney disease, but some things can make it more likely to happen to certain people. If you are at risk for kidney disease, ask your doctor how often you should be tested. 

Having one of these risk factors does not mean that you will get kidney disease(CRF). But if you find and treat kidney disease early, you may be able to prevent it from getting worse.


            1. History of Hypertension.

            2. Diabetes Mellitus.

            3. Systemic Infections.

            4. Inflammatory or Metabolic Disease.

            5. Exposure to Drugs and Toxins.

6. Family history of Renal and Urological disease.

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